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Launching  the services  of  HPLC  Thalassaemia  screening  Machine  and  Multi-Drug  Analyzer

by  Hon.  Mithreepala  Sirisena,

Minister  of  Health

on  18th  January  2012


Minister of Health, Hon.Mithreepala Sirisena addressing the gathering



Director, MRI ,Dr Anil Samaranayaka addressing the gathering



Some of the attendees  to the occasion namely- Minister of Health Hon. Mithreepala Sirisena, DDG -Laboratory Servises Dr G. Samarasinghe , Adviser to the minister- Dr H.R.U. Indrasiri , Section heads , some of the patients who are getting the services


  • Thalasaemia Screening using HPLC(High Performance Liquid Chromatography) machine

Hon. Mithreepala Sirisena, the minister of health Observing the HPLC machine at the occation

  • Analysis of medicine levels in Human Blood using Multidrug Analyser


Consultant Physician ,MRI- Dr Janaka Munasingha addressing the gathering



Representative from the service seekers expressing her views