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Health Information & Management

The Unit of Health Information was established in June 2011 once the first batch (20)of medical officers who have qualified with MSc in Biomedical Informatics were released from the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Colombo to the relevant identified institutions.

Initially no other staff other than MO-HIs and later two health care assistants were appointed on 01.10.2015.
Our Dedicated staff as at June 2016

This photo was taken in June 2016 while two undergraduates from the faculty of IT, University of Moratuwa were attached for their Industrial training.

From Left: Mr Thilina Madushanka (Health Care Assistant), Ms Ridma Gimhani (Undergraduate from University of Moratuwa), Dr Deepaka Sanath ( former CIO and Head of the Unit from 2011-2020), Ms Wimarshana Gunawardane (Undergraduate from University of Moratuwa), Ms Natasha Shiromi (Health Care Assistant).

Currently there is one postgraduate qualified medical officer as In-charge Medical Officer Health Information. There is only one minor employee working part-time who was given special training to assist in computer and network maintenance .


To streamline the adoption and use of Information and Communication Technology to improve the activities of MRI and to promote high quality, cost effective and efficient health services to the satisfaction of all stake holders enabling healthier nation that contribute to its economic, social, mental and spiritual development.


To adopt Information and Communication Technology (ICT) appropriately in all activities of Medical Research Institute to improve the quality, efficiency, patient privacy and safety, and cost effectiveness of health care thus contributing to achieve the goals set out in the National Health Policy.

Main Objective

Incorporation of ICT in the MRI to maintain & promote the wellbeing of the population, their health , improve the management of human resources, health finance ,resource mobilization, allocation utilization and dissemination of information by proper implementation of eGovernment policy, eHealth Policy, eHealth Strategic Plan and eHealth Standard and guidelines once approved.

Specific Objectives

  1. To comply with the recommended common eHealth architecture of the Health Information Management System to ensure interoperability, efficiency, security, responsiveness and availability.
  2. To enable proper ICT Management from the focal point the Health Information Unit of the Ministry of Health/ Department of Health Services and to increase the IT literacy of their staff and also to identify and build a skilled workforce in order to carryout eHealth activities.
  3. To facilitate using a dedicated network, allowing them to work collaboratively and to exchange information in an effective manner using this network where applicable.
  4. To improve communication through Health web portal which will provide links to authenticated websites and State Healthcare Sector websites which will be inter-operable and be optimized for accessibility and participation of users.
  5. To maintain Ethics, Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Information by providing physical, logical and procedural security measures.
  6. To comply with the recommended common electronic data standards to ensure interoperability.

Currently no staff officers attache to the unit and only one health care assistant -Mr. Shiran Thilina to attend some technical issues of network and hardware.

Former Head of the unit:

  1. Dr Deepaka Sanath Thubellage (View profile-Click) 

MBBS( Colombo), Dip(NRCPD)Japan, MSc(BMI) Sri Lanka

Period from June 2011 to March 2020

Contact us :
eMail: health.information@mri.gov.lk
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