• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

    The premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka
  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

    The premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka
  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

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Department of  Immunology  –  MRI  –  Established in 1989

Telephone Number:  011-94-1- 2691819

eMail address:  immunology@mri.gov.lk


Present Staff:

Three Consultants
1. Dr Rajiva de Silva ( MBBS, MD)
Head of the Unit and Consultant Immunologist
2. Dr Malika Karunarathne ( MBBS, MD)
Consultant Microbiologist
3. Dr Danushka Dassanayake ( MBBS,MD)
Consultant Immunologist
Medical officers  – 2
Research officers  – 1
MLT   – 3
Laboratory orderlies   – 1


 A. Reference laboratory for Immunological investigations

                  Laboratory investigations currently carried out:

1. Serum Immunoglobulin levels                   Current charge
IgG                                                                        400/=
IgA                                                                        400/=                              IgM                                                                       400/=
2. Serum complement levels
C3                                     400/=
C4                                     400/=
3. Simple electrophoresis
Serum                               300/=
Urine                                350/=
4. CRP level                                                     200/=
5. Rh factor                                                     200/=
6. Anti nuclear antibodies (ANA)                250/=
7. ANA titre                                                    400/=
8. DS- DNA                                                     400/=
(For ANA positive samples performed at MRI only)
9. Flowcytometry (by appointment only) 1st marker –  2500/= +1500/= for each additional marker 
(CD markers – to identify primary & secondary immunodeficiency & to classify leukaemia)
10. Lymphocyte function test(by appointment only & only for requests from government hospitals)
11. NBT test for neutrophil function (by appointment only)             500/=
12. Immunofluorescence of skin biopsies (bullous disease of skin)  2500/= (specimen to be sent in Michel’s medium)
13. Serum cryoglobulins                                   300/=

No charges are levied for samples sent from state hospitals.
Total number of tests carried out in 2010  –  13,260.

  BAttending to patient referrals from hospitals for advice on immunological management

This clinic is functioning on every working Wednesday and Thursday at the clinic room of Immunology unit.

  C. Teaching & training:

·         Training is undertaken for following categories
PGIM trainees
PG trainees from faculty of science & faculty of biotechnology & molecular biology, Colombo
Medical undergraduates
Undergraduates from the science faculty
MLT trainees
Laboratory orderlies


 D. Research:

There are several researches  are carried out on following areas.
·         Immunodeficiency disease
·         Auto immune diseases
·         Allergy
·         Urticaria