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Laboratory Animal Sciences

Staff of the department of Laboratory Animal Sciences

Sub units of the Animal Center

Sub units of the animal centre comprise with animal breeding area, infectious animal experiment area, non infectious animal experiment area, laboratory animal feed production area and large animal area.
Animal breeding area is controlled by barrier system to prevent infections coming in  and nucleus breeding colonies of laboratory animals are maintained in this area.  Laboratory animal feed is produced in the feed production area and in large animal area sheep and goose are being maintained for blood drawing purpose of laboratory media pre
paration and various other diagnostic activities.

Head of the Section – Animal Center:

Dr. M. G. Thammitiyagodage B.V.Sc., M.Phil
Veterinary Surgeon
JICA certificate on  Laboratory Animal Technology – Japan

Other  Veterinary Surgeons:

Dr. Ramani Karunakaran B.V.Sc., M.A
Veterinary Surgeon (International certificate on Laboratory Animal Science)
(Faculty of Medicine Colombo/ University of Utrecht Nethelands)

Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist:

Mr.W.G.S.S. Kumara
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.
Special Training on Laboratory Animal Science – Netherlands

Animal  Supervisors:

Mr.Mahinda Guruge –Animal Supervisor
Mr.K.M.Jayasiri –Animal Super
Mr.K.Kumaradasa – Animal Supervisor.

Lab orderly:

Mr. K.K. Dumith Prasanga

Medical Assistants:

08 permanent and 02 casuals are employed to maintain the section.

Animal Breeding Area

Following  Animals  are  maintained  at the  animal  center:

  • New Zealand White Rabbits (Close colony)
  • Wistar rats (Close colony)
  • Heartly Guinea pigs (Close colony)
  • ICR (Institute of Cancer Research-Close colony)
  • Syrian Hamster (Inbred Colony)
  • C57Bl (Inbred colony)
  • C3H (Inbred colony)
  • Balb/c l(Inbred colony)


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