• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

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Our vision

Identify the people suffering from parasitic infections in the country and minimize  the number of people suffering  from parasitic diseases.

Our mission

Proper diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases and educate the community regarding effective preventive measures. Conduct relevant research in the field of Parasitology in such a way that it could be applied to diagnose disease conditions and alleviate the pain of people suffering from diseases of parasitic origin.

Our Department

Department of Parasitology is the national reference laboratory for the diagnosis of parasitic diseases. It receives samples from all state hospitals and private hospitals and private sector. The department plays a main role in identifying hitherto uncommon parasitic diseases prevalent in the country and provides instructions for the proper management of these cases.

Laboratory investigations conducted by our department

Ø Blood for malarial parasites
Ø Blood for microfilaria
Ø Filarial fluorescent antibody test
Ø Toxoplasma antibody test
Ø Toxocara antibody test
Ø Stool for Microscopic examination for Amoebae, helminth ova, protozoan cysts
Ø Stools for tapeworm segments
Ø Glands, CSF etc for Toxoplasma isolation
Ø Scrapings for Sarcoptes scabii
Ø Bronchial washings/ sputum for Pnumocystis carinii
Ø Stools for cryptosporidium oocysts
Ø Identification of nematodes, cestodes and protozoans isolated from various body sites

  • Other than the services offered,  research studies relevant to the prevailing parasitic diseases in the country is being conducted in this department.

Services offered
Ø Teaching and training of medical and paramedical staff
Ø Attend to patient referrals pertinent to parasitological management

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