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The Medical Research Institute (MRI) is the premier center in the country for bio-medical and applied health research. MRI conducts research in diversified areas in the fields of Virology, Bacteriology, Parasitlogy, Rabies, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Histo-Pathology, Hematology, Immunology, Entomology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Mycology, Health Informatics and Animal Studies.

MRI currently provides training to a verity of Diplomas,  graduate and post graduate causes as well. The diploma causes are MLT and Entomology .  The graduate causes are BSc in Information Technology conducted by  the University of Moratuwa. The postgraduate causes are Virology, Bacteriology, Parasitlogy, Chemical Pathology, Histo-Pathology, Haematology, Immunology, , Molecular Biology, Mycology  and Transfusion Medicine which are conducted by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

MRI is also a major service provider for all hospitals in Sri Lanka with special and specific diagnostic laboratory tests. It also functions as a National Laboratory for Japanese encephalitis, measles, rubella and influenza and as the regional reference laboratory for poliomyelitis.

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