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Abstract of the curriculum

Course Title: Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Mode of Instruction – English Language


Mode of Evaluation

  1. Student should complete 80% of the attendance during the entire two years period to qualify to sit for the final examination
  2. Continuous assessments are conducted at the end of each unit to asses the performance
  3. An examination is conducted at the end of the first year and 10% of the marks of each module is added to the final marks of the respective modules of the final examination
  4. Theory, practical & oral assessment tools are used to evaluate the performance of the student by a Board of Examiners comprised of Medical Consultants in each module at the final examination held at the end of the training programme. Final examination procedure
  5. Students are examined in

a. Students are examined in
i. Laboratory Management & Histopathology
ii. Haematology & Blood Bank serology
iii. Medical Microbiology
iv. Parasitology & Medical Entomology
v. Chemical Pathology
b. The Examination in each subject consists of a Theory,Practical and Oral sections
i. Theory 3 hours
ii. Practical 3 hours
iii. Oral 10 mins
c. The pass mark for the subject is 50% of the total marks, but a candidate must obtain a minimum of 40% in the   Theory and a minimum of 50% in the Practical examination
d. A student who fails to obtain 50% of the total marks considered to be referred in that subject
e. Students who obtain 75% and over in Theory and Practical in any subject is awarded a distinction in that subject on the recommendation of the Advisory Board.
f. Students are allowed three attempt only
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