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  • Symposium on "Up date common viral infections" at the annual academic sessions 2009.
  • Work shop on anti HBs testing for MLTTs (WHO / MRI)
  • Work shop on training modules for improving different skills in the health care providers in hospitals in Uva province (HSDP / MRI)
  • Symposium on Dengue (Dengue virology) at the joint clinical MTG of Kalutara Clinical Society & SLMA
  • Evaluation of an immunochromatographic assay for the diagnosis of human rabies and its application to facilitate the molecular epidemiology of rabies: A multi-centre study in Asian countries. Collaborative study with Oita University - Japan
  • Immunogenicity study to determine the persistence of rabies neutralizing antibodies in previously immunized patients and their booster response following anti rabies vaccine (ARV)for a subsequent exposure
  • Determination of serological response following anti rabies immunization in a representative canine population.
  • Comparative study on FAT and ICT for detection of rabies antigen on animal samples received in MRI
  • Chronic Urticaria and H.pylori infection: Is there a relationship in Srilankan individuals. Oral presentation at Toki Messe, Niigata, Japan.
  • Shigella boydii in Sri Lanka – time to take notice . The Bulletin of the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists Volume 7, Issue 1, September 2009
  • The Entomology Department obtained (06.03.2009) the Sri Lanka patent for the invention of biological control agent “Bacillus thuringiensis, Sri Lankan isolate for the control of mosquito larvae. It is now being ready to use for the control of dengue vector larvae in the country.