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  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

    The premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka
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Routine Services

  1. Laboratory diagnosis of Rabies – animal/human
  2. Rabies management advisory clinic
    • from 8 am – 4 pm on weekdays
    • from 8-12 noon during weekends & public holidays
    • Tel 0112-693532-34  Ext 117
  3. Rabies neutralizing anti body detection – weekly
  4. Rabies real time PCR(RT_PCR)- weekly

Details of Services…

Services offered by the Dept of rabies diagnosis and research – It is the National Reference Laboratory for rabies diagnosis in Sri Lanka.

• Human rabies diagnosis – ante mortem & postmortem
• Rabies diagnosis in animals – postmortem
• Quality assurance of  decentralized  rabies diagnostic laboratories
• Assessment of rabies antibodies in serum and  CSF in humans as a special test
• Immunogenicity studies & rabies related research
• Rabies post exposure specialized advice clinic
• Teaching & training – medical (under graduate & post graduate)  & paramedical staff

Services offered by Dept of vaccine quality control – It is the National Control Laboratory (NCL) for vaccines and sera for human use in Sri Lanka.

  • Technical evaluation of  all human vaccines for the National Medicines Regulatory Authority before licensing
  • Lot release of all government and private sector procured vaccines and sera
  • Quality testing of vaccines at pre-registration, lot release of newly registered vaccines (WHO non pre-qualified vaccines), cold chain break down, following AEFI reporting, etc.
  • Production of pharmaceuticals for laboratory use
  • Specialized advice on vaccine related issues
  • Teaching & training – undergraduate  and post graduate medical officers and paramedical staff in vaccinology


Type and number of laboratories

Rabies-Rabies diagnostic laboratoryDirect smear test for Negri bodies & Direct fluorescent antibody test (FAT) done routinely
 Immunochromatography strip test, RT-PCR & Mouse inoculation test (MIT) available

Vaccine QC –  Two laboratories

  •  vaccine quality testing Lab
  •  Tissue culture lab

Laboratory for preparation of pharmaceuticals – Pyrogen free distilled water,
Sodium citrate, Normal saline for lab use.

Tests and rates

Name of the testAvailabilityRates
Rabies diagnosis:  
1. Detection of Negri bodies by Direct smear test


Free of charge
2. Detection of rabies antigen by fluorescent test (FAT)AvailableFree of charge
3. Immunochromatography test (ICT)Available (Done when indicated)Free of charge
4. PCR for rabies diagnosisAvailable (Done when indicated)Free of charge
5. Mouse inoculation test for rabies diagnosisAvailable (Done when indicated)Free of charge
6. Rabies antibody test by Rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT)AvailableRs. 3500/=
Vaccine testing:Available as the National Control Laboratory (according to the vaccine testing policy)Free of charge for government sector vaccines
1. Sterility test Rs. 10000/=
2. Innocuity test (abnormal toxicity test) Rs. 10000/=
3. Potency tests  
– Measles vaccine
– Oral poliomyelitis vaccine
– Rabies vaccine
– Rabies anti serum
Rs. 20000/=
Rs. 20000/=
Rs. 50000/=
Rs. 15000/=
Lot release of vaccines and sera:AvailableFree of charge for government sector vaccines
1. Processing of  lot release application Rs. 20000/=