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  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

    The premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka
  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

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Introduction / Main Functions

We serve as the main service laboratory for processing and identification of patient samples from many parts of the country with regard to fungal infections. We process blood CSF, sputum, body fluids, urine, stools, pus and aspirates, skin and soft tissues with regard to direct microscopy and culture, serology for Aspergillus and Candida, histopathology, culture identification and anti-fungal susceptibility testing.
The department is involved in research, teaching and training of many staff categories including medical students, doctors, MLT students, nursing students and post-graduate trainee doctors.
Our laboratory organizes and conducts the Mycology component of the Diploma and MD Microbiology examinations of PGIM and MLT examinations.
Other functions are tender evaluation of media, stains, reagents, chemicals and diagnostic kits and pre-registration evaluation of devices, equipment and supplies.

Brief Summary of Activities in 2009

Service component – total number of samples received 2754. This comprises 560 blood samples, 68 CSF samples, 521 sputum samples, 231 body fluid pus and aspirate samples, 08 urine samples, 10 stool samples, 860 skin samples, 135 serology samples, 236 soft tissues samples and 135 fungal isolates for culture identification. (Each sample is again subjected to a number of other tests in order to arrive at an identification of the fungus)
Liaised with consultants in different hospitals in the island in management of patients.
Two members from the department started a training to detect Candida species in patient blood (polymerase chain reaction method – PCR). This is still an on-going project.
Conducted training in Mycology for Diploma in Medical Microbiology trainees, MD Microbiology trainees and MD dermatology trainees from Post-Graduate Institute of Medicine, MLT and nursing students.
A workshop was conducted for the laboratory staff (Drs. and MLTT) of Microbiology Depts. in the Medical Faculties of all universities in the island.
The department conducted the Mycology component of Diploma in Medical Microbiology, MD in Medical Microbiology and MLT examinations.