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Lilani Karunanayake

Dr Lilani Karunanayake,  M.B.B.S., Pg Dip (Med. Microbiology), MD 
Consultant Clinical Microbiologist
Medical Research Institute


Recent Awards:
1. National Health Research Symposium 4th – 5th December, 2017 – 2nd Place for Oral Presentation!( joint paper by Dr Lilani Karunanayake , Consultant Microbiologist, MRI and Presented by Dr Panduka Karunanayake , Senior Lecturer Faculty of Medicine, Colombo ) . Title :First report on Human Brucellosis in Sri Lanka. Research collaboration: Medical Research Institute and Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Colombo.
2. President’s Award for Scientific Publications – 2017, 2018
3.First place oral presentations in the Annual Scientific sessions Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists, September 2017.
Title: A multicenter study to determine the prevalence and the associated factors of New Delhi Metallo-Betalactamase-1 (NDM-1) strains among gram negative bacilli in clinical isolates

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Contributions to Books


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