• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

    The premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka
  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

    The premier medical research institute in Sri Lanka
  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

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Director of MRI

Director: Dr.Vijith Gunasekera (MBBS,MSC,MEcon,MD)


Director’s Message

A warm welcome to the MRI website. I believe that you will achieve what you expect by visiting this website. Our goals are in par with the national health goals, by providing medical laboratory services, training in specific disciplines and advancement of biomedical and health research. We aspire to be the leading medical research centre to complement Sri Lanka’s various research initiatives. Our research focuses on achieving better understanding of basic physiological and disease mechanisms, discovering and exploring new medical and surgical therapies, methods of new diagnosis and improving health care provision and delivery, through the government as well as private health care and research institutes in the country.

In our pursuit of research opportunities, we look to strategic collaborations with local and international research institutions with the intention of achieving mutual benefits through multidisciplinary approach. We have a team of dedicated medical and health researchers with national and international reputations in their respective fields of expertise.

Our researchers collaborate extensively with clinicians and medical laboratory consultants at other local and overseas Institutes. Importantly, our researchers and doctors share a common long-term aim in their pursuit of research excellence; to reduce the burden of diseases and improve the quality of life for those who are in need.

With the close association of our clinical services and basic research laboratories, MRI is also a favorable environment for the rapid translation of research findings into clinical practice. Today, MRI provides medical laboratory and clinical services for the largest proportion of patients all over the country. This service arm also provided MRI as an ideal biomedical research hub to co-ordinate and support clinical trials and epidemiology studies.

Our research laboratories provide an environment for the training of graduate and post-graduate training in respective fields.

On behalf of our dedicated consultants and staff, I invite you to join with us to do more and more collaborative Laboratory based Medical research.



Dr.Vijith Gunasekera (MBBS,MSC,MEcon,MD)



Administrative Officer: W.D.M.N.PRIYADARSHANI


Superintendent MLT: Ms. K.C.R.Perera


Chief MLT: Mr. K.P.R.Premawansa


Accountant: Mr. K. R. Kumaradasa