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  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka


Hepatitis B and C Real-time PCR

Request Forms:

  1. Hepatitis B PCR
  2. Hepatitis C PCR
  3. Sample Collection Guide


Sample collection / storage / transport

  • 5 ml of blood sample collected into a disposable EDTA tube should be sent to MRI in ice (40C) as early as possible (maximum delay – 48 hours)
  • The sample should be stored at 40C until transport
  • Sample collection can be conducted at MRI for patients between 8 am – 12 pm on week days (Monday to Friday)


Important points

  • Hepatitis B/ C real-time PCR is an expensive test and should be ordered only when there is a real indication.
  • The test should always be authorized by a Consultant.
  • Serology results should always be available before requesting this test (Special situations should be discussed with the Consultant Virologist).
  • 2 ml of blood should be sent in a plain bottle for the confirmation of HCV Ab result along with the sample for HCV PCR.


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