• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka


Our Vision

To sustain and promote optimum nutrition throughout life of an individual to strengthen and support the health of the nation.


Our Mission

To improve the nutritional status of Sri Lankans through bio medical research to achieve the national nutritional goals set by the Government of Sri Lanka in the national Nutritional Policy.


Our Objectives

  • Research
  • Surveillence
  • Supplementary and Therapeutic Food Formulation
  • Dietary studies
  • Postgraduate and Undergraduate Teaching
  • Partnership
  • Capacity Building of Health Personnel
  • Advocacy
  • Technical expertise


Department History

1938 – The Department of Nutrition was established at the De Soyza Bacteriological Institute (Now MRI) for the purpose of researching prevailed major nutritional problems at the time of Director Dr.Lucian A.Nicholas (Eng) 1915 – 1939 , who lectured Bacteriology and Tropical Medicine but had wide range of interests including Nutrition.

Dr.Nimalasuriya (MRCP) 1945 – 1949, headed the department of Nutrition since then and he became the first Sri Lankan Director of the Institute from 01/08/1945 and changed the name of the Institute as Medical Research Institute in 1946.

1936 – Dr.Lucian A.Nicholas 1976 – Dr.Brigthy De Mel

1945 – Dr.Nimalasuriya 1987 – Dr.W.D.A.Perera

1959 – Dr.D.B.Gunasekara 199 – Dr. G. Gunawerdena

1966 – Dr.Mahadeva 1996 – Dr.C.L.Piyasena

2007- Dr Renuka Jayathissa

Contact: nutrition@mri.gov.lk

Telephone : +94112693532-34  Ext: 152/151/123

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Survey reports – department of nutrition

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