• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

Activities of Health Information Unit

  • Piloting the Lab Information and Management System(LIMS) at selected sections of the MRI
  • eHealth Training sessions /Awareness lectures on eHealth and the role of the MO-Health Informatics, to the whole staff
  • Facilitating restructuring of network of MRI to improve and satisfy the internet users.
  • Setting up security measures to prevent virus attack and maintain smooth running of the system
  • Formulation of organizational IT resource acquisition,utilization and procurement policy
  • Formulation of maintenance agreement of maintenance of IT resources
  • Supervision of the IT services acquired from service providers and get the maximum use of the expenditure
  • Supervision of the usage of IT services to maintain the smooth running
  • Staff training on the use of ICT in health care and assisting software tools for their day today works
  • Taking measures to improve communication with the use of ICT
  • Encouraging the use of official email communication
  • Assisting the procurement process of ICT resources
  • Evaluation of research proposals
  • Facilitate information access through different ways on line
  • Establishment  and maintenance of fully automated Library Information and Management System.
  • Involving actively at any common activity at MRI( Eg MRI Scientific Sessions, Preparing reports etc)
  • Plagiarism checking for research papers when MRI researchers request

Health Information Unit


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