• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

Invitation for Collaborative Research

To all relevant universities and research institutes

Collaborative medical research

As the premier medical research institution in the country we co-operate with other state and non-state sector organizations, locally and internationally. MRI has expertise and logistic facilities to carry out advanced research in diversified fields of research including, molecular biology, bio chemistry, pharmacology, virology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology,  natural products, nutrition, and veterinary science.

We therefore, request you to submit your research interests for collaborative projects related to above and relevant other fields, for consideration. The Research Committee of the MRI shall select the appropriate proposals for further collaboration.

Kindly send the research interests/concept papers/pre-proposals from your institution to be reached the MRI as soon as possible.


Medical Research Institute

eMail: director@mri.gov.lk


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