• Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka

  • Medical Research Institute - Sri Lanka



MRI is planning to implement a Medical Laboratory Information and Management System (MLIMS). We have arranged a foundation meeting with the interested software developers to display their available products developed to suit MRI. Developers are kindly advised to send their proposals to Director MRI on or before 25th of July 2015 with the total cost involve with the equipment interfacing and annual maintenance.


The basic information of the required MLIMS with our conditions are given in the link (Click to download)and the software developers should follow the draft eHealth policy and standard and guidelines published at the ministry of health website, e- government policy of Sri Lanka and currently practicing SW standards.  


Please send eMails to “director@mri.gov.lk”, with a copy to  “health.information@mri.gov.lk” and confirm your presence.

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