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                                                                                                           last updated 04.06.2018


Main objective of the Ethics Review Committee at Medical Research Institute (ERC/MRI) is to promote and facilitate ethical research through efficient and effective review and monitoring processes. The committee comprise of medical and non-medical members from the institution, outside the institution, non-scientific competent members and an Attorney At-Law.

It is the only ERC in Ministry of Health recognized by the subcommittee of clinical trials of the NMRA to evaluate clinical trials in Sri Lanka.


The present chairman of the committee is Dr. Dharshan De Silva, Consultant Physician and the Secretary is Dr. Lilani Karunanayake, Consultant Microbiologist at Medical Research Institute, Ministry of Health. Ms. R.R.N. Rajapakshe, SMLT Quality control laboratory, Department of Bacteriology serves as the Assistant Secretary in the committee.


Member List 2018: Ethics Review Committee, Medical Research Institute, Ministry of Health