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Meaning   of  Research

Research in common wording refers to a search for knowledge.
One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search
for pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact, research is an
art of scientific investigation. Dictionary form gives meaning of
research as “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through
search for new facts in any branch of knowledge.”In another form
" A systematized effort to gain new knowledge.”

MRI is equipped with a number of medical professionals specialized in different specialties namely chemical pathology, bacteriology, histo-pathology, hematology,  human nutrition, immunology, mycology, parasitology, pharmacology  virology etc. There medical professionals are qualified with five year basic medical degree from  recognized universities with postgraduate qualifications. Among the medical professionals there are medical officers under the consultants in respective units to assists and do research. Some of those medical officers are postgraduate qualified.

There are supportive ancillary sections such and animal center headed by a veterinary surgeons. These veterinary surgeons are qualified with basic veterinary degree( DVM) with postgraduate qualifications.  Another ancillary staff to assists medical professionals doing medical research are research officers. They are holding basic science degree of three years and some are qualifies with postgraduate MSc.    

With access to the resources of MRI including the Schools of MLT and Entomology,  enables close interactions between physicians, laboratory consultants  , scientists in different specialties, between basic science and clinical care, between sociology, medicine and technology.