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      This page was last updated on 10.02.2019

  • MRI Virology unit established many NEW real time PCR essays over the past 11 months which benefit many patients also standardized and validated CMV real time PCR.
  • EBV real time PCR essay for cancer patients ( for the 1st time in Sri Lanka established in 2014)
  • Parvo virus PCR essay for the 1st time in Sri Lanka.
  • RSV realtime PCR assay for the 1st time in Sri Lanka for routine diagnosis (one instance university had performed conventional PCR for a research.)
  • Adenovirus quantification real-time PCR (commercial) is availble on request.
    Adenovirus realtime qualitative PCR is also available for outbreak situations with RSV A and RSV B viruses (an in-house PCR)


CMV MRI Request form PDF

BKV MRI Request form   PDF

CMV rtPCR MRI information 24.4.2014PDF

Statistics of Hepatitis ,Japanese encephalitis (IgM),Measles (IgM),Rubella (Fever & rash)-2014 upto AugestPDF