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                                                                 This page was last updated on 03.02.2017

Routine Services:
  1. Laboratory diagnosis of Rabies - animal/human
  2. Rabies management advisory clinic - from 8am - 4pm on weekdays

                                                              from 8-12noon during weekends & public holidays 

                                                           Tel 0112-693532-34  Ext 117,
      3. Rabies neutralizing anti body detection - weekly
      4. Rabies real time PCR(RT_PCR)- weekly

 Details of Services

Services offered by the Dept of rabies diagnosis and research – It is the National Reference
        Laboratory for rabies diagnosis in Sri Lanka.
• Human rabies diagnosis – antimortem & postmortem
• Rabies diagnosis in animals – postmortem
• Quality assurance of  decentralized  rabies diagnostic laboratories
• Assessment of rabies antibodies in serum and  CSF in humans as a special test
• Immunogenicity studies & rabies related research
• Rabies post exposure specialized advice clinic
• Teaching & training – medical (under graduate & post graduate)  & paramedical staff
    Services offered by Dept of vaccine quality control – It is the National Control Laboratory
         (NCL) for vaccines and sera for human use in Sri Lanka.  

• Technical evaluation of  all human vaccines for the drug regulatory authority before
• Lot release of government procured vaccines
• Quality testing of vaccines – Pre registration, newly registered vaccines, following
AEFI reporting, cold chain break down etc.
• Production of pharmaceuticals for laboratory use
• Specialized advice on vaccine related issues
• Teaching & training – undergraduate  and post graduate medical officers and
paramedical staff in vaccinology
 Type and number of laboratories:
Rabies -  Rabies diagnostic laboratory -  Direct smear test for Negri bodies & Direct fluorescent  
                                                                 antibody test (FAT) done routinely  
                                                             -   Immunochromatography strip test, RT-PCR & Mouse
                                                                 inoculation test (MIT) available

Vaccine QC -  Two laboratories

  •  vaccine quality testing Lab
  •   Tissue culture lab

 Laboratory for preparation of pharmaceuticals -  Pyrogen free distilled water,
                                                                     Sodium citrate, Normal saline for lab use