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Services by Department of Pharmacology

Total number of specialized tests performed 1153

Total number of research projects evaluated 14




1. Routine Assays

            24 hour urinary excretion of

            17 – Ketosteroids       

            17- Ketogenic steroids

            5 Hydroxy Indole Acetic Acid

            Vanilyl Mandelic Acid


Blood levels of the following therapeutic medications


Gentamycin                 Amikacin                     Netilmicin

Tobramycin                 Vancomycin                Theophyllin

Digoxin                       Disopyramide              Primidone

Carbmazepine             Sodium valproate        Phenytoin

Ethosuximide              Phenobarbital              Methotrexate

Ciclosporine                Paracetamol      

Tricyclic Antidepressants       


Other Services


  • Pre registration evaluation of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals at the request of the DRA.
  • Review of clinical trials when protocols are submitted from the Clinical Trials sub committee of  the CDDA.
  • Drug information service on request to government /private hospitals.
  • Conduct teaching and training to undergraduate/post graduate students in Pharmacy, Pharmacology. Clinical Pathology and Pediatrics