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Quality Control Laboratory (Room no: 353)

-         And Media preparation / Training

The laboratory is located in the Right wing in 2nd floor of the main building

Staff Profile                                                                              ACTIVITIES

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Lilani Karunanayake

     Consultant Clinical Microbiologist


          Mrs. Kumudini Kulatunga      - Senior Research Officer

          Mrs. Kumari Abeysekera        - Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist

          Mr. Asiri Sandaruwan            - Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist

          Ms. Randima                           - Medical Laboratory Technologist

          Mr. C. Dasanayake                     - Senior Laboratory Orderly

          Mr. N. Wijesinghe                              - Laboratory Orderly

          Ms. Gihani                                                 - Supporting staff    



2-day workshop on Quality Assurance in Bacteriology for NEQAS participating laboratories' held on 12-13th July 2018


National External Quality Assessment Scheme in Bacteriology (NEQAS)

21st YEAR

Uninterrupted service in microbiology quality assurance


Organizing laboratory of the ‘National External Quality Assessment Scheme in Bacteriology’ conducted for the state and private sector microbiology laboratories in Sri Lanka. The program commence in 1997 by Dr. R.S.B. Wickramasinghe and Dr. M. Atapattu, Consultant Bacteriologists.


  • to improve the quality of medical laboratories in Sri Lanka conducting bacteriological investigations
  • to standardize the performance of bacteriological techniques and antibiotic susceptibility testing
  • to promote Internal Quality Control (IQC) and to identify the competent laboratories in the state and the private sector


Participation in the scheme

The participation is voluntary. Those who intend to enroll in the NEQAS should make a request through the relevant officials to the address below. Samples are issued free of charge to government hospitals and institutions whereas for Universities and private laboratories an annual fee of Rs.3000/= is charged.

Contact details

Address:     Quality Control Laboratory             

                   Department of Bacteriology

                   Medical Research Institute

                  Dr. Danister de Silva Mawatha, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka

Some  Moments of 2-day workshop on Quality Assurance in Bacteriology for NEQAS participating laboratories' held on 12-13th July 2018 at Aldo Castallani Auditorium - MRI

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